How to Sign Up



Full descriptions of each workshop and schedule is on the Workshop Page.

Step One: In an e-mail or snail mail letter, answer the following questions. Please number each answer.

  1. Full Name
  2. e-mail address

Step Two: Also in the letter include the following:

1.  Pick the workshop number and name of the workshop you are signing up for.

(You can sign up for more than one if you like. We had a number of people do that and they seemed to do fine. In fact, we had one great writer who did five at one time, but I would not suggest that. (grin))

2.  List an alternate workshop or date in case the workshop is full by the time you get signed up. I will e-mail you if that is the case to work out a solution. (That has seldom happened in the last seven months, so no real worries about that.)

Step Three:

1. Send answers to: with the subject header WORKSHOP only in the subject line. Or mail to WMG Publishing Online Workshops, PO Box 479 Lincoln City, OR 97367
2. Send full payment of $300 for each workshop. Payment can be sent by check to the above address or by Paypal to Checks should be made out to WMG Publishing and please put the workshop number and workshop name on the check.

(If a workshop is full and you have paid for it, I will refund your money, so no worry there either.)


How to Sign Up

— The prices are on each lecture is on the lecture description on the Lecture Page as well as the number of videos included in the lecture. Again each video is about five to eight minutes long, with some being longer.

Step one…

Write Dean at and give him the following information.

1… Name

2… E-mail address

3… Name of lecture(s) you are signing up for.

Please put “Lecture Series” in the subject line to help the spam filter bypass. 

Step two…

Pay for the lecture by either

— PayPal to

— Send a check made out to WMG Publishing to WMG Publishing, PO Box 479, Lincoln City, OR 97367.

Step three…

We will send you the password for the lecture(s) and from that point forward you are free to come and go with that lecture and watch each video as many times as you would like for as long as you would like.

Any questions feel free to write Dean at

Thanks for your interest.

2 Responses to How to Sign Up

  1. Can the videos be downloaded to watch offline? I would love to invest in a few of these, but I live in a rural area. Internet speeds are dreadfully slow here, and streaming a video is often impossible.

    • Dean says:

      The videos are downloaded to the page on your computer, but you can’t them off the page. Slow internet speeds just means that when you go to a page on the workshop, you might have to wait ten minutes or so for all the videos to download for you. Then watching them shouldn’t be a problem.

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